How Too Much Creativity Can Hurt You In Web Design.

Is always a very good thing to be creative in anything to deal with arts and especially in design. With this, the famous star trek phrase comes into mind. “Go where no man has gone before”. Monotony in design is mostly a bane but sometimes too much original design can hurt your user experience in web design. As a web designer, you have to remember that design itself is more utilitarian than aesthetic. The aim of a design is to help communicate information and not to be fancy. The best designs actually take focus from the designer and focus more on the information being communicated.

Now consider the amount of time your visitors are spending on your site, compared to all the other sites that they’d visit that day. People spend much more time on other sites than on yours. They’re learning how the web works from all those other sites. They’ve been accustomed to certain web elements and certain site layouts. In designing your website you have to take into consideration certain elements like navigation and layout elements like cards and others and how they are generally designed on the web. You can be creative but as a rule of thumb be more creative with your website contents than with your standard elements. Is very good to use standard design so that your elements are identical and mostly the same as the standard elements used by the major sites. Also, avoid the elements most of these sites avoid.

It is always very good for your web design to be a standard design. Standard design is normally supported by the standard web objects, so you’ll get a better cross-browser compatibility, especially across mobile devices. Using standard design also makes it easier for developers to easily develop your website. Very ambitious designs will take longer for developers to develop your websites and sometimes it makes the design virtually impossible for them to develop.

The second and more important reason is that it’s unlikely that your site visitors have the same interest in web trends as you do. They may not be aware of all the different things that we can do now with stuff like jQuery controls. A confused user is a lost user. What counts as the standard evolves over time. For instance, nowadays we’ve become quite accustomed to lightboxes, carousels, and inline video controls. It’s up to you to work out for your audience what it is that’s likely to count as standard. It only makes sense to make your audience comfortable, so work out your users’ levels of expertise, and then find standard controls that will make sense to them when they visit your site.

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